Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly
Pet Friendly

Forum Algarve Pet Friendly Rules


1.    OBJECT

The purpose of this Regulation is to specify the conditions for entry of animals into Forum Algarve shopping center, defining the rules and obligations to which the owner of the animal is subject.



2.1 Pets are allowed only when properly accompanied by their owner or by the person responsible for the animal.

2.2 Based on Decree-Law 421/04, 24th April, it is mandatory that the animals have the electronic identification chip.

2.3 The animals, accompanied by their owners, may access the mall through any entrances of the center.



3.1 The circulation of animals in the common areas of the center (central square, hypermarket hall, covered areas on floor 0, parking and access to the parking lot) is allowed. It is expressly forbidden the entrance of animals in the food court, hypermarket and stores (except stores that allow it).

3.2 In accordance with Decree-Law no. 74/2007, 27th March, these exclusions do not apply to service dogs, being allowed their entrance into all the areas of the shopping center.

3.3 The use of a leash or harness is mandatory, in which the name and address or telephone number of the owner must be placed in any form (Decree-Law 314/03).

3.4 For animals considered dangerous or potentially dangerous (Brazilian Mastiff, Argentine Dogue, Pit bull terrier, Rottweiller, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Tosa inu), its circulation in the center is only allowed when accompanied by a person older than 16 years old, with functional muzzle and short leash up to 1 meter in length fixed to the leash or harness (Decree-law 312/03).

3.5 Forum Algarve provides leashes and muzzles for the payment of a deposit, which will be refunded after the return of the material.

3.6 No animals in heat are allowed to enter.

3.7 Forum Algarve reserves the right to expel of the commercial center the animals that disturb or compromise the safety and well-being of visitors, as well as the animals that put at risk public health.



4.1 Outside the shopping center, next to "AquaPicanço" pet store, you can find "Pet Friendly" space with the purpose to provide maximum comfort to all who visit us with animals.

4.2 The "Pet Friendly" space is composed by an "animal WC" for the satisfaction of the physiological needs of the animals, a drinking fountain and a play area for the animals to explore.

4.3 On the space, animal's owner will find available bags to collect the waste. It is his responsibility to collect the animal's waste and deposit it in the appropriate place indicated for that purpose.

4.4 The fulfillment of the physiological needs of the animals inside the shopping center are expressly prohibited under penalty of expulsion from the shopping center. In case of being verified, the owner of the animal must immediately clean it and inform the services of the shopping center to proceed to the hygiene of the space.



5.1 The owner and / or person responsible for the animal shall be solely and exclusively liable for any damages caused by the animal, whether in the space where it circulates or in stores, customers or its assets.

5.2 Such liability will not, in any case, be transferred to Forum Algarve.



6.1 The entrance of the visitor in the center with his animal predict the full acceptance of all the rules described in this regulation.

6.2 Visitors accompanied by pets accept the criteria established by Forum Algarve in relation to the resolution of any question arising from this regulation.