Forum Summer Wonderland 2019

Forum Summer Wonderland is already at Forum Algarve for funnny moments in family at ou central square.
Bumper cars, “mini” ferris wheel, “Pirate Bay” boat pool and carousels are the ingredients of this event that is available from July 26th to September 1st at Forum Algarve.


  • Week: 03:00pm – 06:00pm / 07:00pm – 11:00pm
  • Weekends: 11:00 am – 01:00pm / 03:00pm – 06:00pm / 07:00pm – 11:00pm



20€ in purchases = 1 Event Bracelet

  • For this, customer must present their purchase invoice at the Information Desk for it to be stamped and given a bracelet of the event;
  • Invoices are not cumulative with each other and will only be valid for purchases made at Forum Algarve stores during the event period (July 26th to September 1st), except for the following stores and services: Jumbo Hypermarket, Temporary Rental Spaces , Gift cards, gambling vouchers, tobacco and telephone operator services (eg mobile phone charges);
  • Only printed and original invoices are accepted;
  • Limit on wristbands delivered per invoice = 25 wristbands;
  • The bracelet delivered to the customer at the time of invoice presentation may be stamped with the date of the day itself, if the customer wishes to have it immediately, or may save it and go to the Information Desk on another date to be stamped at that time. and use at that time.


1 Bracelet = 3€

  • Only cash payments are accepted;
  • The bracelet may be stamped with the date of the day, if the customer wishes to use it immediately, or may save it and go to the Information Desk on another date to be stamped at that time and use at that time;
  • The bracelet, since stamped with the date of the day in question, allows the user to enjoy all equipment (taking into account the age limit of each), and walk on the equipment as many times as you want during that day;
  • It is mandatory to place the bracelet on the child’s wrist so that he can walk on the equipment;
  • From the moment the bracelet is violated it becomes unusable;
  • No returns are accepted.



1. As users of Forum Summer Wonderland’s equipments you automatically accept the following rules as well as the information provided by staff;
2. Maximum user capacity: 
  • Carousel: 20 users
  • Mini Wheel: 12 users (2 per cab)
  • Chairs Carousel: 20 users (2 per chair)
  • Bumper Cars: 25 users (2 per cart)
  • Pirate Bay: 4 users (1 per boat)
  • Roller Pool: 2 users
3. Limite age: 6 to 14 years old (4 and 5 years old only if accompanied by an adult – required);
  • Carousel: 3 to 12 years (under 3 years only in closed figures and accompanied by an adult. Up to 5 years the adult can accompany the child.)
  • Mini Wheel: 3 to 10 years (max 1.20m in height and 80kg per cabin)
  • Chairs carousel: 6 to 14 years (4 and 5 years only if accompanied by an adult – required)
  • Bumper Cars: 3 to 14 years old (forbidden to people with heart problems)
  • Pirate Bay Pool: 4 to 10 years old
  • Roller Pool: 5 to 12 years
4. In equipments that is allowed accompany the children by an adult (over 18 years), he doesn’t need to purchase the event bracelet to accompany the child;
5. To enjoy the fun equipment you need to ask for a bracelet at the Forum Algarve Information Desk and put it on the child’s wrist: 20€ in purchases = 1 Bracelet OR 3€ = 1 Bracelet (ask for all mechanic at Information Desk);
6. The bracelet is only valid for the day it is stamped, and after being violated it becomes unusable;
7. The use of equipments requires that children are accompanied by a responsible adult;
8. The use of the equipment is not allowed for children under or above the age indicated in this rules;
9. Forum Algarve and event staff reserves the right to request the identity card in order to prove the user age;
10. The access to the equipment is only made by the entry, by queue and according staff information;
11. Users should wait for the indication to entry and leave the equipment, which will always announced by staff;
12. After finishing each ride, all users will have to leave the equipment. If you want to enjoy the equipment again, you will have to leave and wait in the line for your turn;
13. Users should use the equipment for the exclusive use designated and respect the other users, being responsiblefor any damage by intent or negligence to others;
14. It’s forbiden to eat and/or drink while you are using the equipments;
15. It is not advisable, when using the equipment, the use of personal objects (eg toys) and Forum Algarve isn´t responsible for any damage or loss thereof;
16. It won’t be allowed to use the equipment to those who don’t respect the present rules or staff rules;
17. Priority in queues is for people who accompanying children older than 65 years or with noticeable limitations, pregnant women and the disabled who have proof of disability equal to or greater than 60%. If there are several people in the circumstances described above in the same queue, the service will be performed in order of arrival (Decree Law 58/2016, 2016);
18. For any situation that isn’t in the present rules, the users must follow the indication of staff;
19. Users must inform the staff in case of any situation that is warrented;
20. Forum Algarve reserves the right to suspend/change the activity of event due to safety, climatic or for operational reasons;
21. The event rules do not overlap or exclude the Shopping Center rules;
22. Forum Algarve reserves the right to change the rules above whenever it deems it necessary due to the good use of the event and the safety of it’s users.