Dinner + Cinema Menu

Forum Algarve offers the Dinner + Cinema Menu campaign, through which customers can purchase a voucher for the value of €9 (nine euros) that entitles them to a cinema session and to enjoy one of the menus provided by a of Adherent Restaurants (dinner).




  1. Vouchers for the Dinner + Cinema Menu Campaign can be purchased at the Information Desk at the Forum Algarve Shopping Center for €9.00 (nine euros). Only payments by cash are accepted;
  1. Each voucher consists of:

– A dinner in one of the Adherent Restaurants, exclusively on the menus previously indicated for each of the Restaurants,

– A ticket to a cinema session at the NOS Cinemas of Forum Algarve (film of your choice).

  1. The voucher does not cover 3D films, however, they can be included in the campaign by paying a supplement of €1.50 (one euro and fifty cents) directly at the NOS Cinemas of Forum Algarve at the time of exchanging the voucher for the ticket of cinema;
  1. Payment of the voucher is made in full at the Forum Algarve Information Desk, and the customer must request an invoice in the amount of €4.50 from Cinemas NOS and request another invoice worth €4.50 from the Aderente Restaurant he chooses. to take your meal;
  1. The voucher will be used for a single use, and the holder must exchange it for a movie ticket (at the Cinemas NOS box office), and for a meal (at Aderentes Restaurants), upon presentation of the respective voucher;
  1. The Dinner + Cinema Menu Campaign runs from Monday to Thursday, except holidays, and from 6:00 pm (restaurants);
  1. The voucher can only be used on the day it is purchased, and it is necessary to present it when exchanging the voucher for the meal (the voucher is stamped at the Information Desk with the date on which the customer purchased it);
  1. The voucher, once purchased, cannot be converted into cash;
  1. After purchasing the Dinner + Cinema voucher at the Information Desk, if the customer is unable to watch the desired film (for example, because it is sold out), NOS Cinemas will stamp both vouchers (cinema voucher + restaurant voucher ) in order to extend the validity of both vouchers for 15 days from the date of purchase (date stamped by the Information Desk). In this way, the customer has 15 days to enjoy the Campaign, after which the vouchers are no longer used;
  1. The voucher cannot be combined with any other promotions in force at Aderentes Restaurants or NOS Cinemas;
  1. Forum Algarve, the owners of Aderentes Restaurants or Cinema NOS are not responsible for the loss, theft or misplacement of the voucher after its purchase;
  1. Any doubt or additional question, the customer should go to the Forum Algarve Information Desk.





  • Menu: 2 Carnitas American Tacos + Nacho chips + Drink



  • Bifana + Soup + Drink + Dessert



  • Crispy Chicken Mneu: Crispy Chicken + Drink + Medium fries
  • Big King Menu: Big King + Drink + Medium fries



  • Crepe Menu: Crepe with 1 scoop of ice cream + 2 toppings + 1 hot chocolate
  • Guaffre Menu: Gauffre with 1 scoop of ice cream + 2 toppings + 1 hot chocolate
  • Ice Cream Menu: Ice cream with 3 flavors + 2 toppings



  • Pita or Wrap + Mini salad or fries + Water or lemonade



  • Soup Menu: 1 soup + Dessert + Drink
  • ½ Soup Menu: ½ soup + Small salad + Drink



  • BigMac + Medium fries + Drink 0,25L or Water 0,33L
  • Double Chese + Medium fries + Drink 0,25L or Water 0,33L
  • Chicken Nuggets + Medium fries + Drink 0,25L or Water 0,33L
  • McChicken + Medium fries + Drink 0,25L or Water 0,33L



  • Delicacies of the Sea Menu: Sandwiches with delicacies from the sea + Fries + Large drink
  • Tuna Menu: Tuna Sandwich + Fries + Large Drink



  • Pizza Menu: 2 slices of pizza of the day + 40cl drink



  • Bifana Menu: Bifana + Fries + Drink 30cl



  • Carte D’Or ice cream cup with 4 flavors



  • Mixed Barbecue Menu: Mixed Barbecue + Coffee
  • Chicken Barbecue Menu: Chicken Barbecue + Coffee