Enjoy the Dinner + Movie Menu Campaign

Everything close to you


It is no coincidence that Forum Algarve’s slogan is ‘Everything close to you’. Here, there is such a wide variety of shops and restaurants that you will easily find the product or service you need or a place to indulge in your favourite style of food!



Forum Algarve demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability, implementing practices such as the use of solar energy, LED lighting and the significant reduction in water consumption and waste production. These actions exemplify the positive impact that each small initiative can have on the environment and the local community.

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Menu Dinner + Cinema

Forum Algarve offers the Menu Dinner + Cinema campaign, through which customers can purchase a voucher for €10 (ten euros) which entitles them to a cinema session and to enjoy one of the menus provided by a Member Restaurants (valid for dinner only).


Offer a thousand and one gifts in a card.

The Shopping Lovers Gift Card is an excellent option to offer the most flexible and favorite gift of all!

Available at the Forum Algarve information desk.


Attentive to the needs of our visitors, there are several services that we have available to make your visit as comfortable as possible. See here some of the services we have at your disposal.

Pups are very welcome at Forum Algarve, where there is a dedicated area for these four-legged visitors with a drinking fountain, dog toilets and recreational equipment.


If you have an electric vehicle, then take advantage of your visits to Forum Algarve to charge it at one of the Mobie.E charging points available in the upper car park and the underground car park (green zone).


On level -1, there is a car wash service. Leave the car to be washed while you do your shopping or enjoy a meal. It will come out of there shining!


Throughout Forum Algarve, there are several ATM terminals for withdrawals and payments.


At Forum Algarve, we also have prams so that you can move around more freely with your little one. You can request a pram at the Information Desk.

More than 100 stores, 5 movie theaters and more than 20 restaurants


Forum Algarve is a meeting point and almost a mandatory stop for thousands of people, both for locals as tourists.

This building was designed and inspired by the Algarve’s architecture, history and tradition, making it a pleasant place full of natural light and the vibrant energy unique to this region.

Forum Algarve also is ideally located. It’s situated at the western entrance of Faro and just to 5 minutes from Faro International Airport.

This shopping center has more than 100 shops of prestigious and international brands such as Gant, GMS Apple Store, Guess, JD Sports, Lacoste, Nespresso, Samsung and Zara as well as a dental clinic and a pharmacy.