Gift Card

The Gift Card can be acquired at the Information Desk and gives you all the freedom to make you shopping. See here the General Use Conditions. Temporarily Unavailable

Family Toilets

For you and your children’s comfort and convenience, use one of the family toilets whenever you need (Levels 0, 1 and 2).

Wi-Fi System

You can use the Wi-Fi System to access internet on all the shopping center.

Baby Meal Chairs

So that your baby enjoys its meal in comfort, take of the baby chairs in the restaurant area.


For a calmer and more pleasant visit to Forum Algarve for both you and your baby, ask for one of the pushchairs at the Information Desk on the Level 0.

Diaper Changing Room

For your baby’s wellbeing and comfort, use our diaper changing facilities whenever you need (Levels 0, 1 and 2).

Electric Cars

You can charge your electric vehicle, in our external parking space, while you calmly enjoy what Forum Algarve has to offer.

Disabled Facilities

To enjoy your visit to Forum Algarve without mobility problems, use our special equipment for the disabled, available at the Information Desk on Level 0.

Customer Service

Someone is available full-time in Forum Algarve to help you and give you information. Simply go to Information Desk on Leve 0 or use the Help Points.

Flight Information

Forum Algarve has two Flight Information panels, one on the information desk (floor 0) and another on the restaurant area (floor 1) so you can check your flights timetable anytime you want.

Car Wash

Wash your car while you visit us.

Baby Care

You can cook your baby’s meal with no effort near the restaurant area (Level 1).